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The hickory tree home of Rufus and Roscoe

Rufus and Roscoe Raccoon lay in the tall grass that grows along Second Creek Over, soaking up sun and digesting their mid morning snack of blackberries and dandelion greens.  Mid mornings always stood still for Rufus and Roscoe. With early chores complete and minds at ease, they settled into a quiet corner of Deep Green Forest to begin one of their favorite routines of the day: the late morning nap.

The meeting at Circle in the Woods

Circle in the Woods: the sacred place to all the animals of Deep Green Forest. The special place, where no human had ever set foot. The safe place, where animals come together to discuss important matters of their world, and all speak with equal voice to express their minds and hearts.

“Jeff, thank you for sharing this story with me, and for sharing your deepest self with everyone who reads it. I was so moved and affected by your honesty and depth, and I learned from your experiences.”

Mother of a deceased child
“Jeff, I picked up your book
yesterday and didn’t put it down
until finished. Your clarity and
honesty really grabbed me. I
could feel and hear you as if we
were sitting in a room together
talking. You have done some-
thing very special with this

Gary Abramowitz

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