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The Adventures of Rufus and Roscoe Raccoon
by Jeff Connerton • 271 page
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A tale for children of all ages, centered on two critter cousins who must find a way to team up with the Human Who Speaks from the Heart to preserve their homeland, Wild Nation. Rufus and Roscoe journey from their home in Deep Green Forest to Big Mountain, hoping to meet "a human spreading a light of only one color, pure blue", and to start a lasting peace between their nation and humankind. The trip to Big Mountain is a test of the raccoons' cunning and courage, but upon arrival their greatest challenge is yet to come: how to communicate with this special human to usher in the peace and save Wild Nation.

In paperback and ebook, with drawings by Morgan True.

Illustration in Chapter 5

Roscoe stared off into the evening sun. "There are stories handed down from the time the first elders made the trek to Big Mountain. The tales speak of waters so wide and swift that even the mighty bears are wary when crossing, of vast lowlands and marshes where the smartest of critters sometimes lose their way, and flatlands hot enough to make the most ornery of travelers take care. And if that's not enough, there's all the stuff you never know about until it's falling on you or chasing you down or staring you in the eye. But the cause is great and to be chosen is an honor."

Hi Josh–Part One: Addiction and Death by Jeff Connerton, a father’s memoir of his teenage son’s three year downward spiral into heroin addiction and death. Hi Josh–Part One is available in paperback and ebook.

Hi Josh–Parts Two and Three: Recovery and Healing   Jeff Connerton’s story of dealing with grief and pain after the loss of his son, including an account of recorded meditations, rituals, and other unconventional healing work that Jeff used to come to terms with Josh’s death. Hi Josh– Parts Two and Three is one volume and includes color photos. Available in paperback and ebook.

"Jeff Connerton writes from the heart, sharing with readers his painful, in-depth exploration of his teenage son’s journey into the dark world of illegal drug addiction. In my private practice I find teen drug use to be a frequent issue for adolescents and their families. I highly recommend this book to both parents and teens.”

Julie Ann Schrader
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


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